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We are a construction company that specializes in pole barns and post-frame homes.

About Us

42 Parallel Construction is a locally owned, small business that exists to meet the on-site building needs of residential, agricultural, and commercial communities in Michigan. Using post frame construction, we build pole barns, barndominiums, garages, and more. Our specialty is working alongside you to ensure the structure is built exactly according to your hopes & dreams. Not only do we build the structure, we can see it through to completion by providing insulation, electric, plumbing, HVAC, & fully finished interiors.

Pole Barns

Pole barns are built using post-frame construction. A pole barn can serve a variety of different purposes. Including but not limited to – a work shop, man cave, hobby shop, recreational area, residential storage, agricultural storage, or industrial use. The possibilities for layout, size, and options are endless. Pole barns can be completely customized to include insulation, electric, plumbing, HVAC, & fully finished interiors. We can see it through from start to finish.


Barndominiums (commonly referred to as “Barndos”) are post-frame homes. Compared to traditional stick frame homes, Barndo’s have an accelerated construction time period and lower overall cost. Like pole barns, the exterior finish can be metal, wood, or vinyl although metal is commonly where the greatest savings is. When designing a Barndo, the interior layout is highly customizable and can be either an open or closed concept depending on your taste and lifestyle. We can help complete the project by providing insulation, electric, plumbing, HVAC, & fully finished interiors.

Post Frame vs. Stick Frame

Post frame construction: does not require interior load-bearing walls or a solid concrete foundation. The design involves creating the outline of the structure with posts that are cemented into footers 4-6 feet below ground. The roof is commonly sheeted with metal, but shingles can be used as well. The exterior walls can be completed with metal, wood, or vinyl. This type of construction is great if you are looking for open-concept spaces, overall lower costs, & an accelerated building phase.

Stick frame construction: requires a solid concrete foundation on top of which the building framework is created. This design draws strength & support from the network of interior walls made with 2 x 4 studs spaced 16 or 24 inches apart. This type of construction is great if you are looking for basement space, multiple levels, closed-concept floor plans, & intricate roof designs.

Our Process

Ballpark quote

Starts with a 5-10 minute phone call where we provide you with a ballpark quote based on a few general details you provide such as size and main options. Should you request an official quote, we will gather any additional information necessary and can have it to you in approximately a week.


official quote

Along with an official quote you will receive a digitally rendered, simple, aerial view image of your project. Several quotes may be required if project modifications are made and site visits may take place if necessary. Financing options are available to discuss. An agreement will be drafted only when you are ready to move ahead with the project. Intricate structure & floor plan CAD drawings can be provided at an hourly rate during this step however they are automatically included after the agreement step is complete.


After an agreement has been signed and a deposit placed, we will get to work drafting intricate structure & floor plan CAD drawings to assist in the building phase. Changes can still be made at any time – they will simply require signed addendums.

building phase

During this step, permitting will begin and the project will start to take shape. We can do all the steps in between start & finish – excavation, concrete, insulation, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, interior finishing, &  inspections.

Past Projects

We are beyond grateful to our previous customer’s that have allowed us to feature their designs in our project portfolio.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you build smaller backyard storage sheds?

42 Parallel has a full on-site crew so we focus on larger structures that require on-site construction. However, our sister company – Michigan Dutch Barns, specializes in backyard storage sheds up to 16′ wide and 44′ long. These are delivered on a trailer and can easily be relocated in the event of a residential move or backyard rearrangement.


Do we need an appointment to start the process?

You are absolutely welcome to set one up with us. Just give us a call and we can discuss dates and times that work best for you!



Who should I contact for Excavation?

While you are more than welcome to contact local excavators, we have our own excavation branch that can take care of the whole process for you.


How long has 42 Parallel been in business?

42 Parallel was originally started as a division of Michigan Dutch Barns in 2018 but split off into its own company in 2021. Michigan Dutch Barns has been in business for over 30 years and looks forward to providing you with the same great customer service and satisfaction through 42 Parallel Construction.

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